Our Core Values for Partners

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We give free software to our partners. At first you get free partner edition and get the practice studio as being our silver partner and more. The partner tool connects you with your client and with their all information without any hassle. We care for you and value your dedication to be the best.

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with team work and partnership, we together build o better world of success and excellence that deliver quality with excellence. Through corporation we create the army of companies that wok hard to build the bridge of pre- eminence in just few years.

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we support, encourage and motivate you always and forever. Give you all the latest and services that you looking for decades. We give you the cloud based software which is not just software it is more than that which includes skillsets, workflows, pricing and much more. Your Prime account manager will give the

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we help you to grow higher and higher. We are in constant search for new clients for you and give you all the latest tools that provide you new sell services to you existing clients. But that’s not it; we give you our Advisors Directory where small businesses are waiting for brilliant advisors just like you.

About Our Process


Image Not FoundRegistration:first you have to do registration for the partner program

Image Not FoundInterview:after registration our executives will fix an interview in which detailed information and discussion will given to you about the partnership program..

Image Not FoundAbout the product:once all the terms and conditions are understood and you too agree upon with them then we visit your place. Where we give the intro about the product and partner edition. This how you become the reseller of our product

Image Not FoundWeekly checks-in:PrimeHrmswork doesn’t finish here. Our Prime skill and excellent team will check in with you weekly.


Image Not FoundDirect communication:during weekly checks- in you can directly interact with Prim team. A meeting is held where you give your reviews, feedback and it improves business relation. After analyzing reviews and feature will be introduces s that we together step forward on the stair of success.

Profitable Reselling Option


Prime White Label describe that you are the new owner of the product or services that you purchased and you are the one who created it.


Prime White Label gives you wide range of advantages to the reseller that is you can do your business without any hassle as the technical and customer support is under Prime control.

So what are you waiting for, just click to “Get proposal” and enjoy the most beneficial reselling option.

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